Essential Oils

“The essential oil muscle rub gives me huge relief from a recurring sciatica nerve issue.  I recently used it on a very long plane trip and it got me through without discomfort”.  – Meave

Essential Oils contain a diverse pharmacopeia of medicine brought to you in the bouquet of chemical compounds the way nature created. This means that with one oil there can be a plethora of uses and benefits. Lavender is used for stress, burn relief, blood sugar balancing, headaches, skin rashes, sleep, anti-oxidant protection and more. All this with one plant!

I have worked with essential oils for many years in my practice and for my personal health. My “aha” moment was using frankincense, clary sage, and geranium for some hormonal imbalances and solving the issue with only a few applications. I was convinced! Essential Oils and plant medicines continue to be my first defense and they are often all I need.

I use the highest grade essential oils available. They are third party tested, edible, and sourced from the most medicinal varieties on the planet.

Out of my desire to offer clients my dream treatment I developed a luxurious essential oil structural massage. This two-hour massage use oils chosen for you and applied along the spine, bottom of the feet and the skull. I focus on releasing tension in the places you need it most so you leave feeling deeply relaxed and more integrated with structural benefits for your body. This treatment is ideal if you feel a base level of stress and nervousness that is hard to let go of. We often need to give our nervous system the time and space to fully let go so our parasympathetic systems can come online. This treatment is also ideal if you are interested in Rolfing but have not had much bodywork in the past. This will accustom your body to touch and releasing tension.

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