The 10-Series

Rolfing is typically received as a series of 10 sessions, known as the basic 10-series. Ida Rolf created the 10-series as the most efficient way to address the whole body, thereby achieving lasting changes. Think of the 10-series as a complete whole body tune-up. Your upper back may be in pain because your head is held forward. This makes your back work harder to hold your neck up. Over the course of the series, both areas and more will be touched on. Long held patterns in the body will be given the space to let go.

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The first three sessions work on your superficial layers of connective tissue. Sessions four through seven remove strain from deeper layers of the body. The last three sessions organize and align the body as a whole, providing better balance, enhanced freedom of movement, and a higher energy level.

Rolfing 10-SeriesEach session of the process is both a continuation of the previous one and an introduction to the next. Each session within the series is created anew for the needs of each client. There are, however, certain goals of each session that remain the same. For example, in session one, we have a goal of releasing the ribcage and shoulder girdle. The effect of this is often a feeling of breathing more deeply and having relaxed shoulders.  This allows the body to come to a place of organization that makes it ready to receive the work of the subsequent session. Many clients find the 10-series a satisfying way to change overall posture, achieve lasting change, and learn about their body patterns. Some clients also choose to receive part of the 10-series as an introduction to the work. They can see how their body responds and if continuing on is right for them. A single session or a 3-series are popular ways to begin the Rolfing process.