I am a massage therapist, I teach massage and I’ve managed massage therapy rooms and spas for the past dozen years or so and I’ve had many, many people work on me, and many types of bodywork. Kaytlyn is awesome.  Lovely presence, touch, slow, deep, intuitive.  Unwound my injured forearms, changed my structure, with just one session.  And we just got to the upper body.  I’m sooo looking forward to future sessions.  Deep tissue normally hurts me, I feel like a train wreck the next day (I have a small frame and I normally do not like deep work).  Rolfing with Kaytlyn? Hell yes! Exquisite pain. What a wonderful surprise!


“As an active middle-aged skier and student of qigong, I had the Rolfing ten-series awhile back. I get tune- ups from time to time and my latest one consisted of four sessions with Kaytlyn. I discovered that she has an uncanny ability to do profound integrative bodywork with a grace and ease that invites the client to relax, receive and recover lost integration. She has precision in her work coupled with a nurturing delivery that is highly impacting. I returned to a more youthful walk and stride, plus a new found awareness of joy in my body. Thank you Kaytlyn!”

-Carl K.

 My body is hugely important to my livelihood as a backpacking guide. So the stakes were high for me when I recently went to Kaytlyn for help with chronic pain and found her approach revolutionary. I have submitted myself to many forms of bodywork and massage, and have explored various self-healing modalities, and Rolfing is unique in its precision and subtlety. Kaytlyn was excellent in her ability to read my body. She seemed to be able to tune my body like a mechanic with a bike. When I was on the table, I felt like Kaytlyn’s hands were talking to my fascia and muscles in a way that made them feel heard, seen and understood. Her knowledge of the body, and over time of my body specifically, helped me tremendously in my healing journey. I am somebody who likes deep tissue work and, in the past, I held the belief that if it didn’t hurt, at least a little, then it wasn’t working. So I went to Rolfing, having heard that it was a very deep and painful technique. In fact, I found that Kaytlyn’s approach avoided pain, which helped me to disabuse myself of my pattern around enduring unnecessary suffering. Kaytlyn’s approach challenged me to soften into a deeper level of listening, sensitivity, and kindness toward my body.                                                                                                                                – Jesse

Kaytlyn has worked on my body a number of times. I myself am a body worker with a focus on Pilates strengthening and functional ability. We are able to talk about body issues in depth. Her knowledge of anatomy and of her practice are very deep. Kaytlyn is incredibly intuitive and in touch with what I was experiencing as she worked. I was never in pain or uncomfortable. She listens to what her clients feel, need, and want and works with their goals. I left with a  balanced open feeling throughout my body and was very relaxed. Kaytlyn’s work space is lovely, great energy and a wonderful healer!

– Valerie

Kaytlyn is an incredible healer! Her work is so intelligent, caring and intuitive. She holds space for me to go through my own process which is one of the most healing thing anyone could ever offer. I feel so blessed to have had an opportunity to work with her!


When it seems impossible to figure out what is going on with one’s extremely nuanced body and a mirror just won’t suffice, thank the world there are people like Kaytlyn to help out! I’m only giving the highest rating because she is the REAL DEAL with the ability to intensely observe a great many subtleties that struck me as bodily epiphanies. I’m very pleased to know that we have a great young practitioner and excellent student of Rolfing in the area that can help in only the ways Rolfing can.


The most freeing, lightening body work experience I have found!  The pressure can be intense during the session but it was just what my body needed and afterward I felt like a new person.  Kaytlyn was excellent at reading my body and staying in tune with what I needed and how much I could handle.  This was definitely one of those times when I didn’t realize how much tension my muscles were carrying until it was gone or how much energy I was wasting on maintaining the tension. When I am starting to feel fatigue (sitting at a desk and staring at a screen is a big part of my life right now,) I know it is time to book a visit with her again.  Go free up some energy!


I had heard so much about Rolfing and was so grateful when Kaytlyn came into my life and I could experience this healing modality.  I was in a car accident 6 years ago and still carry physical pain from that experience.  I have lived in the Bay for almost 5 years now but I never found anybody who could really address and focus on the pain in my body until I met Kaytlyn.   Her work is deep and intuitive and after years of not receiving the kind of care my body needed, my body is now thanking me for not giving up on healing.  The healing space where Kaytlyn works is warm and welcoming and I am always treated with her genuine care and concern for my health and well-being.  Thank you, Kaytlyn, for doing the work you do!  The world is a better place because of it.

-Lisa H.

Kaytlyn is AMAZING! My session was pretty intense and she had great communication throughout and really targeted important areas. One of the best bodywork sessions I’ve ever had. I’ve already made a second appointment!


Kaytlyn is a highly skilled and very intuitive Rolfing practitioner. After the 10-session series I feel more balanced and have experienced a general feeling of well-being.  Repetitive stress pain in my shoulder hurt less and less over the sessions and pain I was experiencing in my legs and feet was relieved instantly and has not returned. After each session I felt more energized and happy. I found this work extremely helpful and rewarding.

– Jody