Welcome. I am away from my Rolfing practice until June of 2017. You can start booking in May for June sessions through my online scheduler. I look forward to seeing you when I return. Below are some bodywork practitioners in the area I recommend. Have a healing spring and eat your dandelions!

Morgan Klein, Advanced Rolf Practitioner – 310 824 3311

Daniela Muller, Hellerwork Practitioner – 917 671 7241

Kinney Tennis, Massage Therapist – 925 360 9258

Liz Brodsky, Doula and Mayan Abdominal Massage – 415 816 2899

Sacha Prescott, Rolfer – http://www.spiralsourcehealing.com

Francesca Genco, Cranial and Visceral Therapy – http://www.songofthebody.com

Ozben Felek, Acupuncture – https://felekacupuncture.com


Rolfing Structural Integration is a transformative manual therapy. It works directly with our body’s fascia, creating more space in tight or held areas. When this space is created and rediscovered, the body is able to use its own wisdom and return to homeostasis. It is relaxed and moves more efficiently through the world. Fascia is an important connective tissue and acts like layers within layers that hold our bodies structures in place. Rolfing helps hydrate and even out these layers so that nerves, muscles and other structures can move freely and rediscover their ideal positions.

Since beginning my Rolfing practice this principle has guided my work.

“You have the ultimate knowledge of your body and the world has bodies of knowledge. Together, real healing begins”

I first came to Rolfing to solve my own chronic back pain that I couldn’t put a root cause to. I loved the depth of the work. I felt immediate change in my body. My back pain improved substantially and I felt more buoyant and excited to dance and hike again.  Most rewarding was that through Rolfing I learned to feel into movement patterns that didn’t feel good for my back. This began my expansive and joyful journey of discovering my body and becoming increasingly comfortable in it. I invite you to learn more about Rolfing and discover its potential to make change possible in your body.


Learn more about Rolfing below and chuckle a little along the way.


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  • “I’ve been wanting to receive a rolfing session for about five years. I finally decided to treat myself to celebrate successfully surviving my first year of motherhood. It was a wonderful and much needed session. Afterwards I felt open, more spacious and more relaxed. I can’t wait until the next one!” – Rashida

  • “Kaytlyn, is an amazing healer! I have had quite a bit of body work over the past ten years for neck and joint challenges.  My experience with Kaytlyn is like no other healer and I now have areas of movement where I thought I had lost for ever more. I have recommended her to everyone in my family that I know would benefit. Fluid is the word!” – Christine